Russell Hitomi

Profile Updated: August 29, 2013
Residing In Roseville, CA USA
Spouse/Partner Claire
Occupation Real Estate Appraiser & Broker
Children None

After graduating, I went to school in Berkeley and stayed there for 15 years. Then I move to Southern California (Sherman Oaks/Westwook/Thousand Oaks), next came Palo Alto for almost 10, and most recently, Roseville where I'm trying to graciously segue into retirement.

School Story

My sophmore year we were in PE playing flag football. I fell and someone fell on top of me. My left arm bent the wrong way and my elbow broke. I spent that semester in the nurse's office for the hour of PE. I was supposed to lay still and be quiet. I did some of that. I also caught up on homework that I should have done the night before. So next semester, guess what? I landed back in PE/nurses office. In fact I never played another minute of PE at CKM including the junior and senior years. Now you know how I passed my SATs with flying colors. :-)